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Well, spring is here and summer is right behind her. It has been a really fun and exciting winter and I am looking forward to a great summer. Lots of travel and new adventures await this year for me. This new adventure from day to day grind to a new world of living is really opening my eyes to what is important and what is not. To all those dads on the cusp of staying home and changing your career I say do it. I never have looked back and can say life could not be better. If you put your mind to it you can work full time from home and also be there for your kids and family. I have seen my kids more this past 6 months than in a long time and I am grateful. The best advice I can give is if you think you cannot do it because it just does not make sense think outside the box. Is what your doing making sense or just a mess of arguments and stress. I say what is normal, never being home, never seeing your family or changing your life to be apart of it all. Well adventure awaits, time to get moving but more to come on the summers adventures.

To be continued………..

Liga Privada Undercrown

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Picked up some Liga Privada Undercrown other day. Was looking forward to these for some time. What a great smoke, I fired one back and it was a very smooth and mellow cigar. Construction was flawless and draw was perfect. This cigar had nice flavor and smooth from start to finish. I have to say I am impressed with these and will always have some stocked up. The price is not bad as a special stogie or for a trip, these will be in my bag for sure next time. If you have not tried these yet snag a 5 pack if they are available, I know they fly off the shelves so look around and get a few.


Rocky Patel Sun Grown

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Picked up some Rocky Patel Sun grown from Cigar King here in AZ. I have to say what a nice smoke. To start, it was very well constructed and nice texture. After cutting it had nice even draw with hint of pepper on dry inhale. After lighting it had very nice aroma and smooth flavor. The entire smoke was perfect, burn was even and slow. I have to say what a nice cigar and for price not bad for daily smoke or weekend cigar. If you want a really nice cigar that will not break the bank try a few of these out, I will be stocking up on them also!


Welcome 2015

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Well, 2014 has been logged into the history books. What a wild year it was. Lots of ups and downs and new adventures. I am always sad to see a new year because time just seems to fly on by. Seems just like yesterday I was a young kid waiting to get my drivers license, now I have a daughter thinking the same thing. Wow what a wake up call! The one thing a new year does is that it inspires, least for me it does. It gives a push to try new things and make new memories. See a new year is a chance to do all those things you never got to, or take that trip you just ran out of time to do. Especially, it gives you a new slate for memories with your family. It is a funny thing family, we all take it for granted. We all wake each morning assuming it will always be there. For most it will be, but it can change in a heart beat, so a new year is a chance to live each day like it was your last. I really like Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying”.

This is the perfect song to sum up this post. Listen and think about your life, and live each day like you were dying.

Desert Dad

Wrapping Gifts

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I just got done wrapping some Christmas gifts and I have to say, it is not fun. I know for sure, if you need to get info out of a guy, force him into a room and make him wrap gifts for an hour. I can assure you he will tell you or do for you just about anything to stop, it is pure madness. I don’t know if it’s just me, but to wrap an item is just nuts. Nothing works right, paper rips, I have about two feet too much paper, I use tape like water, and in the end I have a heaping mound of Sh** with a tiny box inside. This is the true nemesis of men around the world. Thank goodness online shopping offers gift wrap with the simple click of a box, price no option on this I can assure you.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Family Budget

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Well, one thing that has come to the center of being a stay at home dad is the family budget. Prior to starting on this adventure my wife and I set up everything with regards to monthly costs.
I have to say, no matter how hard you think you know your costs there are always hidden items that pop up or just running out of things, etc. So to all the stay at home Dad’s out there relax, these added costs are beyond the established budget but in no way a reason to worry about the decision you made. First off realize that a budget is just that, a budget. It is not meant to be perfect, it is a very strong reflection of your bills but will swing slightly month to month. I have learned to watch what we save on and what we go over on and usually in the end we offset and even out. The major item I am looking into is food for the family. This is the major item because we seem to always use what we have prior to the next shopping week. I feel we have enough then 3 days to go and wham, we are out of a lot. So my focus this coming month will be research, how can I get more of what we need for less without going over cost. Any at home Dad’s out there please feel free to share your tricks and I will post more as to what I come up with.
Keep on keeping on Dad’s……”The more I find life difficult the more I find the desire to succeed”. Desert Dad

St. Jude

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This Christmas let’s do something special and send what we can to the children who are fighting for their lives, a little bit goes a long way in helping!




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Christmas Lights

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How many of you guys have your Christmas lights up yet? Dusting off the boxes in the attic, getting down the Santa buried in the corner covered in spider webs, yes it is the holiday season. Though it can be a major task there is nothing better than seeing your house when you are finished. It is the age old challenge of who can out Griswold your neighbor and have the best house on the street. Nothing marches in the season better than seeing your street all full of lights and just bringing the holidays into full swing. So cheers to your inner Griswold, and don’t forget to load up that staple gun!

Merry Christmas from Desert Dad

Black Friday

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So, who got up at 2am to hit the stores? Not me, I for one don’t think getting up at 2am to get 10% off something is very fun. In today’s world of online shopping you can actually get better deals online with free shipping and gift wrap. So for all you Dad’s and Mom’s out there look for stores offering free gift wrapping and shipping. You can save a good amount letting the seller pick up this tab. Add up what you save in store verse if you save on these items and I bet you end up ahead sitting home relaxing with a cold beverage and no stress. Happy Holidays from Desert Dad.